SmokeRoom is a meeting point for all tastes. It provides individuals and professionals with a wide range of hookah products and smokers with basic principles of excellent quality and prompt service.


Smoke Room Team, fully trained and specialized in the subject, is ready to bring you closer to the oriental culture through its premium equipment. The items of the store have gained an important place in the market, validating all the above.

Know How

With professionalism, know-how and information on the new innovations of thespace, we will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Customized solutions

are given according to the needs of your business.


High – Standard

We undertake the training of the staff of your business in your space or in our facilities. Our goal is the complete knowledge of the subject, the training in sales and communication techniques and the continuous evolution and development.

We undertake the creation, organization and optimization of your own catalog tangent to all high level techniques. Our team comes to your place to meet all needs and ensure the best possible result.


A smoking experience that displays and combines luxury and functionality. The

advanced smoke heating technology composes the most enjoyable experiences, without compromises. The unique technique with 360 steamulation system promises

you the most unique experience.



All our products are of excellent quality. Smoke Room offers PREMIUM equipment

and a wide range of authentic consumable products. Our goal is your immediate service.



More than 100 carefully crafted and delicious liquid flavors which are split into 3 broad categories, Tobacco, Sweets & Fruit.

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