The legendary “all day” spot in Microlimano, Piraeus. A modern place with a distinctive style dominated by wood, plain lines and earthy colors.

Interim tables and large comfortable armchairs, giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the endless blue of the sea.

Best time of the day…the sunset! Istioploiokos provides an amazing panoramic view, where you can see the sun fading out into the sea. Regardless the weather and season this place will create memories for a lifetime. A breath away from the Greek sea and a menu based on Mediterranean cuisine is a “must”.

High aesthetics in the dishes and fresh ingredients are inevitable rules in our chef’s creations to fulfill any expectation. Of course, seafood is not the only choice at Istioploikos menu!

Meat, risotto and pastas complete sophisticated food experience, without overlooking a variety of snacks and dishes that you could choose earlier in the day. The menu is accompanied by a large list of selected wine labels from distinctive Greek producers.

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